YouTube Vs TikTok: Is TikTok making Indians look Fool?

Carryminati's video YouTube Vs TikTok is one of the most liked videos because whatever the foolish acts people are doing for entertainment or just to become famous is really shameful and people are realizing that their contents are very stupid.

YouTube Vs TikTok

TikTok as a platform is not at all bad, but people are making worse. There are many people who are actually making good use of TikTok by showing their real talent, but they are not getting that much appreciation as some tiktokers are getting famous by just making nonsense videos.

Every platform has good and bad creators. Here, the audience has to understand whom to support. 

YouTube Vs TikTok exists because of one IGTV video of Amir Siddiqui where he says many things and also that they should also join YouTube and kick out YouTubers from there. From this video, this cold war begins and Carryminati made a video which was YouTube Vs TikTok-The End but this was the starting for others.

To make a video on YouTube, it takes so much time and hard work. Comparing, tiktokers does nothing in the field of hard work. People those who make videos which do not have any sense are making fool of themselves that is why the roasters can roast them easily. First of all, they should make content which makes sense then no one will able to say anything or they should take it as fun. The tiktokers are only giving opportunities to roast and make themselves a medium of fun.
As in this situation of COVID19, India should ban all the Chinese products and also should stop delivering which promotes China.

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