Will Ekta Kapoor apologize to Indian Army?


Hindustani Bhau has filed fir against Ekta Kapoor on the 1st of June because of disrespecting the army uniform in her Web series Uncensored 2. The FIR has been dismissed because of a lack of evidence.

Indian people have proved, a person born with a silver spoon can disrespect anyone and no one can go against them.
Bhau wanted Ekta Kapoor and her mother apologize to the Indian army but till now they didn’t. He has started a tag line “Ekta Kapoor Indian Army Se Maafi Mango”.He is still trying his best to give justice to the Indian army but rich people are showing how low common men are.

Celebrities always step ahead to help India but in this matter, no one uttered a word. They make movies and show the struggle and value of army people but at the same time, they will not go against their industry people because of controversy or they would not get work.

So, this is the real picture of the film industry. Even if the actor is most respected and famous he/she will never take a stand. This reveals that by reel life an actor can never be considered as a role model or can be judged as good by how much he/she donates.
Today is 7th June, Ekta Kapoor has not apologized. Is it so hard to apologize to the Indian army?

Yesterday on an interview with ‘Real Bollywood Hungama’ Ekta Kapoor talked about the case. She had deleted the video and talking about apology she said she does not have any problem to apologize but, it was clearly seen that she does not care. She very nicely played a victim card and blamed Bhau for cyberbullying. Just because of such women, other girls are seen with dirty eyes, and men think they can molest anyone.

She has got a Padma Shri Award. Do you guys think she deserves this reputed award?

Just by making daily soaps and C grade movies, she got the Padma Shri Award. This is a real issue with the government. These awards should only be given to people who serve India.

She is getting support from the celebrities only and the public is supporting Bhau and how confidently she is diverting it and not at all accepting her fault. In the video, you can hear how another lady supporting her. Because of these fake feminisms, other girls suffer.
These web series are like mini pn. When the Indian government has banned pn then they should have also banned these kinds of web series. Even the government has backstabbed Indian army by not taking any action.

Here we got to know why Indian people don’t develop because they only think about rich people and money. No one is there for a common man. Bhau has also said all these in his video. 3 cases have been filed against Ekta Kapoor for the same reason.

Now it’s the time to remove these kinds of shows from any Indian platform. These affect students very much as youth is deteriorating.