Justice for Jayaraj and Fenix


2020 is a cruse for this world. People are becoming inhuman day by day and this is the reason the world is on its way to an end. In this period of lockdown, Earth is healing but humanity is dying.

Recently in Tamil Nadu, police officers have tortured Jayaraj and his son Fenix and they died. Jayaraj didn’t close his shop as it was 7:30 pm as the final closing time was 8:00 pm. Still, the police officers arrested them for violating the lockdown rules. They did not stop here, they tortured them for 3 days as the blood-soaked cloth was sent to his house. For violating lockdown rules, officers have brutely assaulted them.   

Why did they do these? Are they so frustrated?

The senior police officers are trying to put down this case but we can raise our voice so that these innocent can get justice. But now the case had been handed to CBI and the officers have been suspended. The government is seeking to give justice and the ruling party announced to give 25 lakh to the victim’s wife. Money is not an option to give justice. If they really could arrest the officers then the money can also be considered an apology.

If they were that much angry they would have simply charged fine and leave them but what kind of behavior is this. Just like George Floyd got justice, we have to try that all the innocent people should get justice. Nowadays we cannot trust anybody even police officers who are there for the public’s safety, now they are dangerous for us.

This is a very serious case and if this case is shelved then the police officers will get the right to perform this kind of brutal act. We need to stand by their families and try to give justice.
I know we cannot fight with them face to face but the strength of vocal and social media is too strong to show them that we can fight back. Share this news with everybody you know and please support ‘JusticeForJayarajAndFenix’ as it is a really heartbreaking incident for all of us.

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