Has Bollywood forced Sushant Sigh Rajput to take such drastic step?


Sushant Singh Rajput is the most trending topic recently. He committed suicide and was going through depression. He was a versatile actor and have inspired by his movies. It is unbelievable that he had to choose such a drastic step.

The audience seems to be angry with Bollywood who never appreciated his works. Here they should understand that an actor is famous or hit because of the audience’s response. The fans should have made his movies a super blockbuster so that the industry would have bound to give him awards and cherish his acting skills.

Kangana Ranaut has shown the real truth of the Bollywood industry every time, that’s the reason the industry people do not acknowledge her work too. But, the movie Queen was appreciated because audiences have made the hype and they had to acknowledge it. She has been always talking about nepotism but the audiences never paid attention and kept on supporting nepotism unintentionally.

So, public has to decide whom to make a star and whom to not. Earlier talent was important for the directors and producers and now the scenario has changed. They want to promote the star kids and a famous face as good directors are no more left in this industry. Even in the recent Film Fare award, Ananya Pandey got the award for SOTY2 where Tara Sutaria has worked much better than her. This shows the real face of how the awards are handed over to the least deserving actors.

Many talented actors have not been appreciated like Randeep Hooda, Vicky Kaushal, Rajkummar Rao and many more. They give us new entertaining movies and their struggles are not seen by this industry and the struggle of Ananya Pandey is appreciated. Seriously they should have awards for the best person to play politics in Bollywood too.

Bollywood is now all about copying south movies and modifying with their own senseless dialogues, from which they earn crores. There is no creativity, no talent, and no originality. The quality of entertainment has fallen drastically. It seems that an era will come where only star kids would be getting chance and common people would not be taken also.

Has Bollywood forced Sushant to commit Suicide?

News is coming that many production teams had boycotted him, even from Salman Khan and he could only do web series and TV serials. He had 7 movies lined up but they were all snatch from him. This is proof that the industry has forced him to take such a decision. We all know how Salman Khan has destroyed  Vivek Oberoi’s career but still, he was strong enough to stand upright without any support in his life. He understood Sushant’s feelings and was with him at his funeral. This shows the character of a person and not as this industry portrays to be. 
Now, a police case has been filed against these production teams that are Dharma, YRP, TSeries, Alt Balaji, Salman Khan, etc. Many videos are viral about how celebrities used to bully him. We all should fight for the justice that he deserved.

Celebrities who are now tweeting about Sushant as a good actor, they all have insulted him some or the other way. Mostly Karan Johar has been the medium to insult him multiple times in his show Koffee with Karan. All have two faces. Because of this type of behavior, they are never happy in their personal lives, and after this incident, karma will hit them hard for sure.
I request you to kindly choose whom you want to see in movies, star kids or talented actors. Expect Shraddha Kapoor, everyone has been promoted with high budget movies. This the reason she is the most humble star kid and knows the real struggle.

So, think once before blaming others. Even we as the audience are responsible for Sushant’s death. At least after this incident, we can make them change this industry. Support your favorite actors and stop watching shows which promote nepotism.

Depression has been very common now. So, be kind to others and your friend because nobody knows what they are going through. Try to be a good listener. Parents also have to understand not to pressurize children for good marks or to fulfill their own dreams by their children. This makes them feel a burden and once they think they can’t do, they choose these steps to loosen their mind. Try to be happy in every possible way and share your problem with at least one person.

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