Ugly Truth of Bollywood Industry

Entertainment industries are filled with nepotism. Every outsider has faced nepotism in some way or the other. It has been years since these things have been continued till this date and now one couldn’t handle and left this world. It’s high time to stop all these and the only audience can do this.

Ugly Truth of Entertainment Industry

Years ago Priyanka Chopra talked about it but still, she could stand out and able to make herself an international star.

Kangana Ranaut has always been talked about nepotism but never got any answer or justice. She has been screaming from the starting but we as the audience should have reacted so that they could decrease this injustice.

Recently Anurag Kashyap has said the ugly truth about the Bollywood mafias and how they treat new talent. It was really very sad to know the truth. Salman Khan has destroyed many lives. Now it’s time to boycott them and show them what the public can do. We can show them that they, not God that they can do anything. Here we can understand that all charities that the celebrities do are all show-off. Those are their publicity stunts but deep inside they don’t care about the public just like this song line “Apna Kaam Banta, Bhad Mein Jaaye Janta”.

Ayushmann Khurrana has also said about Karan Johar’s behavior how he looks down to outsiders and neglect them.

Karan Johar is the main person to promote these star kids and Salman Khan promotes actress with zero talent. Maybe he benefits something. These things are very ugly say and tell everyone.

Bollywood the industry has its dark side hidden from everybody but still, it’s not fully covered. In many movies, reality has been shown in movies like Fashion, Page 3 and Heroine. These movies show the real image of the actress and even models. 
Many actresses deaths are mysteries, they commit suicide or it’s been murder nobody can find out. In the case of Jiah Khan, Sooraj Pancholi was suspected but they showed their power and took him out from that case. Here they show that this industry is dangerous for an outsider and should not take the risk to go and face such things.

The TV stars mainly faces different types of ignorance from the film industry and also from fashion designers. Hina Khan has said in an interview about nepotism. They refuse to give their designs and do not see them with respect. It is very sad that they refuse to give dresses to an outsider. They don’t have humanity at all. Even TV actors are celebrities and they behave like this with them then questions come what they think about a common man. They would feel like untouchability when a fan asks for a picture.

We are living in a country where they don’t respect the audience who made them stars. Now, the audience really has to think wisely that whom they want to follow. Celebrities have millions of followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and now slowly the followers are decreasing because the public is understanding they are the useless people to follow. Please continue this thing and don’t forget all these incidents or else nepotism will never come to an end.