Love Alarm

Love Alarm is a very famous Netflix Korean drama where is a love triangle with interesting twists and turns.
Love Alarm

Joalarm is a smartphone app where you get to know about people who like you, but they should be within around 10 meters and rings an alarm. The app also shows how many people like you, but the app doesn't reveal specific details of the person.
Kim Jojo is a high school student. She is pretty and smart. She seems like a cheerful person, but her parents died when she was young. Since the death of her parents, Kim Jojo has lived with her aunt's family. Living there is not easy for Kim Jojo.
Meanwhile, Hwang Sun-oh is a popular male student at the same high school. He belongs to a wealthy family, but he is not loved by his parents.
His best friend Lee Hee Yeong also attends the same high school. They both were childhood friends. Yeong was poor as he was the maid’s son who works at Sun-oh’s house.
In Episode 1:

Hwang Sun-oh notices that his best friend Lee Hee Yeong likes Kim Jojo, but when asking him he denies. Since all three of them studied in the same school Jojo used to ignore Sun-oh as she started having a crush on him, but she had a boyfriend. Jojo used to work at a part-time job and sit at her aunt’s shop at night, financially she was very poor. Her aunt does not even feed her well. She has a cousin sister Gul-mi who studies in the same school. She is a bit popular because she manages to show herself to be fashionable.

This episode shows how she struggles to earn a living and also manages to pay the fee of her school. She wants to live a normal life, but she can’t. By seeing all these Sun-oh is attracted towards Jojo and they both kissed.

In Episode 2:

Yeong is found waiting for Jojo. She came late for the work so her aunt scolds her badly. Sun-oh after reaching home, he asked Yeong several times that does he like Jojo but he denies but when Sun-oh said he kissed her Yeong didn’t reply anything.

Next morning Jojo’s cousin sister Gul-mi plans to ring Sun-oh’s alarm but her alarm was rung by a boy named Duk-gu, she was very disappointed and shouted at him very rudely. That guy launched the app Joalarm to propose Gul-mi but she disrespects him a lot.

Jojo’s boyfriend gets to know about Sun-oh, and they both had a fight as Jojo broke up with her boyfriend as could not ring love alarm.
Duk-gu talks about his feeling to Jojo and she tries her best to console him. He gave her a phone which he bought for Gul-mi. This phone has the app installed and Jojo made an account for the first time. Yeong and Sun-oh both installed and wanted to see whose alarm is rung by Jojo.

Next day Gul-mi starts fighting with Jojo as everyone got to know that she kissed Sun-Oh and even her friend didn’t speak to her but Sun-oh went to her and took her away.

In Episode 3:

Jojo suspects that Sun-oh as spread the kissing pictures to everyone. Jojo told him to open his Joalarm app and both rang each other’s love alarm, but watching this Yeong got upset. Kim Jojo got her life. They both were very happy together.

Sun-oh and Yeong remembered their past that how Yeong has been always there for Sun-oh and took care like a good companion.
The next morning, Yeong was in a room and Jojo’s love alarm rang and found him in there and she got to know that he likes her.

In Episode 4:

Sun-oh started caring for Jojo. They went for a date and enjoyed it. After dropping her to the shop Gul-mi took him and told him about Jojo’s past, but he was more attracted to her. Sun-oh secretly paid for her school lunch, but her cousin told her everything and accused her badly. Jojo felt low but by seeing his good nature, she was in more pain. Jojo’s aunt and her cousin both cursed her because her parents committed suicide as they had many debts, but Jojo escape and left her parents. They accused her because she left her parents dying.

In Episode 5:

Jojo met Sun-oh and went to a place sat and ate. They decided to go on the school trip as Jojo wants to spend more time with him. During the school trip, Jojo got to know that that the kissing picture was spread by her friend because she likes her ex-boyfriend. Jojo was very upset by knowing this. Suddenly a room got into the fire and she started hallucinating that happened in the past. She was in guilt that she still wanted to live, by hearing this Sun-oh took her away so that she feels light.

Next morning when they were getting back to the hotel, they met with an accident where Sun-oh was injured badly.
Now the show takes a leap where it shows that love alarm has been very important for couples and now she is not with Sun-Oh.
Jojo saw Sun-oh after a leap and saw Sun-oh’s new girlfriend who is a famous designer.

After their accident, Sun-oh did not meet her, but she was feeling low as she thought she was not perfect for him. So, she started avoiding him.

In Episode 6:

This episode starts with the differences between Sun-oh and their parents are shown. Jojo turned her love alarm off ie, she will not able to ring anybody’s alarm unless the developer turned it on again. Her heart is safe.
Meanwhile, everyone was waiting for the day when the developer will reveal his face and launch Love alarm 2.0.

In Episode 7:

This episode starts with showing before the leap that Jojo dumped Sun-Oh as his love alarm didn’t ring. Jojo wanted to stay him away from her as she believes that she will give him more pain if she will be with him. Sun-oh becomes very upset and again, he questioned her does not like him anymore, but she doesn’t reply to anything.

Again, it comes back to the leap scene where Sun-oh thinks about the moments spend with Jojo. Gul-mi stole Jojo’s money to buy tickets for the launch of Love Alarm 2.0. When she gets to know about it, she got very angry and refused to work overtime at her aunt’s shop.
On the other side, Jojo and Yeong become friends. They started to hang out together and started sharing a nice bond and offered her to show a special place.
Jojo got an invitation for the launch of Love alarm 2.0.

In episode 8:

Jojo went with Yeong and he rang Jojo’s love alarm, but Jojo refused to ring his alarm because she realizes that she cannot love anybody except Sun-oh. So she decided to go on the launch and turn on her alarm by the developer of the app. Three of them went to the launch party.

So here comes the end and we all have to wait for the next season.

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