Review of K-Drama She Would Never Know 2021

She Would Never Know / Sunbae, Don’t Put That Lipstick is a Korean drama starring Won Jin Ah as Yoon Song Ah, Ro Woon as Chae Hyun Seung, Lee Hyun Wook as Lee Jae Shin, and Lee joo Bin as Lee Hyo Joo. The drama portrays the love story of a junior colleague who falls for his senior. The story is based on the web novel Senior, Don’t Put That Lipstick.

She Would Never Know / Sunbae Don’t Put That Lipstick

The protagonist works as a marketer for a beauty brand. Yoon Song Ah was very good at her work and was determined. She was an inspiration for Chae Hyun and taught him very well. She was proud to get such a talented junior. Slowly he develops feelings for her.

Everything was going on smoothly, but suddenly Chae Hyun learned about Yoon Song Ah’s relationship with her senior Lee Jae Shin. He was like a slave to the beauty brand company because the owner has helped him to pay all his father’s debt and paid for his studies. He was struggling with his unfortunate life when he met Yoon Song Ah and both were having the perfect relationship. His love life was devastated when Lee Hyo Joo committed suicide because she was madly in love with Lee Jae Shin.

Lee Hyo Joo was a professional photographer and the beauty brand company was her family business. Lee Jae Shin was not in a state to deny anything which was said by them. So, he had to agree and marry her. His dream world was broken but he did one wrong thing that he hid everything from Yoon Song Ah and cheated her.

One day, Chae Hyun was in his sister’s shop where he found out Lee Jae Shin was cheating on Yoon Song Ah. He decided to tell her his and his feelings too. Yoon Song Ah was fully broken and wanted to take revenge and agreed to be in fake relation with Chae Hyun. But slowly, she too fell in love with him. He was about to live his dream world but Yoon Song Ah was concerned about her career and decided to accept the offer to work outside Korea.

Chae Hyun was upset as she was unable to give him time and she decided to break up. After five years, she decided to return to Korea and was guilty of her decision to leave her love. She tried to regain his love and the drama had a happy ending.

Do watch this drama. The drama shows the reality that everyone chooses career over love. Work can be found but true love cannot be found if once lost.    

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