Chinese Drama Chef Hua

Chef Hua is a Chinese drama where Tang Min plays the female lead who is a great chef. She has a unique style of cooking. She decided to open a small stall. Her stall was a success and opened a restaurant. Everyone is mesmerized by eating her dishes. She is a humble and a very kind person.

Yang Kai Cheng plays the male lead who is a bodyguard of values being transported. He is a very polite and strong man. With his qualities of martial arts and hard work, he achieved a nice position in the bodyguard agency. He is a man every girl dreams of.
The drama portrays a very sweet bond between Hua Xiao Mai and her elder sister. Hua Xiao Mai was soft-spoken and polite on the other hand her sister was straightforward and loud. Both complement each other.

Chinese Drama Chef Hua

Hua Xiao Mai fell in love with the bodyguard Meng Yu Huai. Their chemistry is awesome. Both are made for each other. Meng Yu Huai is a very supportive husband and too much care about Xiao Mai. Meng Yu Huai’s mother is also loving and caring in nature, but she portrayed herself as a rigorous and strong woman. She cared about her daughter in law a lot but she also nagged a bit. She was fond of her food and loved to eat different dishes made by Xiao Mai.

The drama nicely portrays the culture and the history of China. The Chinese foods are shown beautifully and were mesmerizing for sure. Every single cooking scene was captured very attractively. This is the drama for the foodies and those who want to know about the Chinese culture and food mush watch this drama. The actors’ performance and cinematography are great and the leads had so much chemistry to make the story delighted.

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