Mystic Pop-up Bar

Mystic Pop-up Bar is a new Korean drama with a very interesting plot. This drama is very interesting and motivates us to believe in ourselves first and not others and also shows how gossip ruins one's life. Do watch this drama and surely you will gain confidence.

The story is about a girl named Wol-joo, who has a special power to see other people’s dreams. She helped others to get rid of their bad dreams. She got this power from her mother.

Mystic Pop-up Bar

Once the king was sick and queen called Wol-joo to see his dream. She saw that the vengeful spirits haunting the king. She cured the king but he fell for her. This was not accepted by anybody and the queen told her to stay away from him. Wol-joo’s mother could predict that her daughter’s life is in danger so she told her to go away and she disguised her as herself so that they don’t understand that she is Wol-joo.

Kim Won-Yeong was the king’s friend and he shared everything with him. He did not like Wol-joo with the king and he set her house on the fire. Wol-joo saw her house on fire and was broken to see her mother dead. She asked for help but on one helped her. Kim Won-Yeong told her that the king is about to marry someone, she was heartbroken and felt betrayed.

There was a sacred tree and she cursed the village and hung herself on that tree. Because of that 100,000 people died and the sacred tree was also cursed and was converted as the child of Wol-joo. As a punishment, she got to solve 100,000 grudges people have within 300 years. At first, she refused to accept the punishment and wanted to go to hell but to save the soul of her child, she accepted the punishment.

It’s been 500 years since she could not complete her punishment and the Lord of hell gave her 1 month to complete or else she would go to hell. She was left by only 10 people but it was still a tough one to complete in one month. She had magical water that has the power to go into people’s dreams.

She had a bar named Mystic pop-up bar. Whoever used to come to her bar she insisted them to tell they're sad story so that she could go in their dream and solve their problems. She had a manger, Guibanjang who was actually the king whom she loved but she was not aware of this. He killed Kim Won-Yeong when he comes to know that he killed Wol-joo’s mother and then he killed himself. He got the punishment to serve the police agency for 300 years but he wanted to protect and be with Wol-joo as he failed to do so when she was alive. So after 300 years, he was with Wol-joo as a manager and accompanied her.

Both went to a supermarket to buy groceries for their bar. An employee was serving sample meat but a costumer misbehaved and was eating everything. By seeing this, another employee Kang-bae went to solve the fight but could not. The manager came and told the employee to kneel and apologize but she did not and went out.

Kang-bae worked at a supermarket and considered himself as a piece of bad luck because whenever someone touches him, that person would say everything which they have inside their heart. So he used to avoid physical contact and was too lonely.

The employee was about to take her life but Kang-bae saved her and both went to the mystic bar. Wol-joo was trying to make her spill all her problem but she didn’t but as she accidentally touched Kang-bae she said everything.
She told them that her manager molested her but she couldn’t say anything but continued to do her job. By hearing this Wol-joo gave her the magic water and told Kang-bae to go home. But he was so drunk and he returned, by touching her and also went to the world of dream. They punished the manager and motivated her to stand for herself. The next morning when she woke up, she complained against him to the authority and apologized to her.
But when Kang-bae woke up he was confused and began to think was it real or a dream and then only he got Wol-joo’s hairpin and was assured that it was real.

On the other hand, Wol-joo recalls how that girl started pouring out her heart when she accidentally touched Kang-bae. She understood that he was having some power and she can use it for her own advantage. She to run and asked him to help him for one month but he denied by looking at the contract but when she told him that she could make him get rid of those powers he accepted and decided to try one day as an intern.
That night, his landlord and her daughter arrived in the bar. Landlord’s daughter went as she had plans with her fiancĂ©. The landlord looked upset so Wol-joo hinted Kang-bae to touch her. He touched and she started telling all her deeds.

She started by saying about her past. She was 22 years widow and had a restaurant. She was a happy woman who lived her life fullest. She had a helper who was an orphan. She was quiet, shy, and young. They both had a nice bond. One day a truck driver came as a customer. She fell for him at first sight. The 3 of them started having fun together. She thought that he also liked her but suddenly he announced that the orphan girl was having his baby and soon they will get married.

By hearing this was heartbroken and frustrating. A few months later, the driver came to see her. The thought of revenge made her mad and she badmouthed about the orphan girl. Later she realized her fault and ran, to tell the truth but it was too late. The driver left the home and the girl met an accident. Then she took the child and raised her well. She was guilty and wanted to meet the driver once and say everything as soon she would die because of cancer.

By hearing this story, Wol-joo got angry and refused to help her and she left. Kang-bae wanted to help her so he went to find her and found her unconscious. He took her to the hospital and thought to steal the magical water to help her. He stole it and when Wol-joo’s manager asked him he told him the truth. The landlord died and Kang-bae requested to fulfill her last wish. Wol-joo accepted as she saw her struggle raising her daughter and thought to find the man. At last, they found him and told the truth. She could now go peacefully and Kang-bae accepted Wol-joo’s job proposal. Three of them started working together.

One night a young man came to their bar and seemed to be very upset. He was very hardworking and had given an interview in a very reputed hotel. He was upset as he did not get the job. He was very poor and could not treat her girlfriend nicely because of a lack of money but this time he was sure that he had nailed the interview and will surely be recruited. But after seeing the negative result he was broken. Wol-joo gave him the magical water and went to his dream world and found that the interview process was just a formality and they have recruited the son of assemblyman. Then they understood that he had no chance to get a job there. By realizing it he got his confidence back and believed he was not a looser.

An event held in the afterlife, Kang-bae met a man who was the ancestor of his colleague. He wanted to win the competition so that he could give the prize to his grandson for better living. After playing fairly, he won the prize but then he got to know that the next day his grandson was about to die. By hearing this he got upset and requested Wol-joo to save his life. They researched how it can be possible and found that they need good deeds. They went to another ancestor who had the maximum number of good deeds and asked her to give them and she agreed. They all struggled to get back and finally saved him from death.

Kang-bae had a dance competition at his work. During dance practice, his dance teacher touched him and she opened her heart and told her about how desperately she wanted to be pregnant. She has been trying but there is no result after her miscarriage. Wol-joo consoled her and told her to live her present life happily with her husband.

Wol-joo tried to get the solution for her so she went to Samsin. She blesses the couples with the child according to God’s wish and she told Wol-joo that she could not help her. So, she decided to steal and three of them went to her house. They were successful in stealing but Samsin got to know about it and went to stop them but she failed. They gave her the blessing of a child and she was pregnant was very happy.

This was illegal so they had to stop their work then and there and had to receive punishment in the afterlife world. They had to work day and night and it was three days they left and Kang-bae was very upset as he missed them a lot. A spirit ran away because of the mistake of Lord of hell and she requested them to find the spirit. The spirit got into the body of the owner of the supermarket where Kang-bae used to work. So, he planned that if he wins the competition then he would invite him to his house and will be easy to make him drink the magical water. The spirit was a big gambler and had taken money from many people and when they were coming to take back the money, he ran and met an accident.

Kang-bae and his partner Kang Yu-rin won the competition and he did as it was planned. They all gathered at Kang-bae’s place and after some talks, he drank the magical water and he fell asleep. They all went to the world of dreams. The spirit wanted to take revenge from his friend as he thought because of him he died. But he could hear that his friend used to pay all his debts and was also took his side in front of his girlfriend. By hearing this he felt guilty and agreed to go back to his afterlife.

One day, Kang bae’s neighbor called him to show her house which she wanted to give rent but there he heard a voice saying “Go from here, this is my house”. He somehow left the place. Afterward, he realized that he could now see the ghosts. He got afraid and when he told Wol-joo and the king went to the place and saw her sitting in her room. She was a novel writer and fell in love with a delivery boy. She has written a character about the delivery boy in her novel and was talking about it with her friend. Then the boy came and eavesdrop and misunderstood her that she was cheating on him. He started to ignore her. Before she clear everything, she died as she had a heart problem. But she wrote everything about the feeling in the last season of her novel. She wanted the delivery boy to read it. They had put their bar in front of the delivery boy’s truck and made him drink the magical water and showed him the reality that she truly loved him. He was very upset and he gave her the ring that he had bought for her. She was happy and her soul was now in peace. Now Wol-joo had 2 more to complete her punishment.

Kim Won-Yeong ran from the hell and wanted Wol-joo and the king to suffer the journey of hell. So, he did not want Wol-joo to complete the count of 100,000. He disguised and wanted to attack Wol-joo but Kang-bae saved her and they all came to know that he was the soul of the sacred tree and he was Wol-joo’s child.

Wol-joo and the king wanted to protect him but Kim Won-Yeong cheated him and kidnapped him. Kim Won-Yeong forcefully gave him to drink the magic water. He entered in Kang-bae’s dream and wanted him to go in the never-ending hole but Wol-joo came and saved him by sacrificing herself.
God has forgave all her sins and she also completed her punishment by sacrificing herself as a mother, she fulfilled her wish as the last count of grudges. And Wol-joo did not want to born again. So, the king and she wanted the bar to continue and decided to calm people’s grudges and they both were happy together. Kang-bae thought he would never see them again but they again came and continued with the Mystic pop-up bar.