You need to know about the K-Drama More Than Friends

More Than Friends is a Korean drama starring Ong Seong-Wu as Lee Soo and Shin Ye-eun as Kyung Woo-Yeon. The drama shows the mental effects of parents ’ bad relations and rejection. This is my personal experience. If you want to watch this drama, read this once.

More Than Friends

I have been watching dramas of different genres but this drama made me sick. I have watched 5 episodes and the drama is depressive. You will have depression after watching only 2 episodes. I tried to watch further if there is any comedy but you don’t feel to even smile. The female lead has no self-respect. She loved and got rejected many times but still cling to him who doesn’t even respect her.

The male lead, Lee Soo is traumatized because of his childhood and does not believe in a relationship. He rejects Woo-Yeon but somewhere likes her. He is unable to express his feeling because he was scared but his behavior affects Woo-Yeon very badly. She could not achieve her dreams because of him and finally, when she decided to live her life, Lee Soo came back into her life and again started to interfere.

The drama is not worth of time. The storyline is frustrating and unbearable. The acting and the cast are fine but this is not at all rom-com. The side couples and the story were a bit interesting but because of the main story, I don’t feel to watch. This type of problematic relation can affect your mental health. Please think twice before watching this drama.

Thank You!