My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty is a very popular Korean drama. This drama is about a girl Kang Mi-Rae, who was bullied from the beginning for her body shape and looks, because of which she decides to undergo cosmetic surgery to live a normal life.

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

The drama starts with showing Kang Mi-Rae going for the surgery with her mother. She rates every one face and wishes to look average. During the surgery, she recalls all the bullies and embarrassments she has faced since childhood.

Earlier she was a bit fat and some boys bullied her called her pig. After bearing many days she started running and lost weight. Then she came to middle school and thought she could live a normal life now as she was doing well in studies. She liked a boy and she proposed to him. After this students started to talk bad about her and started to humiliate her. Even the boy insulted her with his friends. So, before going to college she decided to change her face and wished to start with a new life.

After the surgery, she started getting compliments and felt happy. She went to college where her best friend, Oh Hyun-Jung was also there. She got a positive response and was confused about what to say. She met all her batch mates in the chemistry department. Everyone complimented her. Among the batch mates, Hyun Soo-Ah was the most beautiful and have an impressive personality. Kang Mi-Rae rated her face 100.

After the college orientation, seniors and juniors had a formal introduction where she saw Do Kyung-Seok, who was in middle school with her. She was afraid that she would be caught. He was very handsome and was an introvert kind of person.

One of her senior was into Mi-Rae but she didn’t understand. She was scared to be the center of attraction but because of her beauty, she became popular. She liked dancing but couldn’t in middle school because of her ugly face but now she was able to show that she was good too. She got a lot of appreciation and was very happy that at last people liked her.
Her senior took her into a room and confessed his feelings. When she wanted to go, he was about to lock the room but Do Kyung-Seok bumped into the room and became a savior for her. She was very scared and was confused about how to react.

He suspected her to be the same girl whom he knows in middle school and when he asked her, she denied.
The college started and the senior kept following her and unwantedly she had to accompany him. By seeing both of them together, Soo-Ah started to flirt with him and he changed his mind but Soo-Ah was very clever and changed her words when he asked her out. Do Kyung-Seok heard everything and intentionally made the senior fall and both started fighting. The senior also pushed Mi-Rae but Do Kyung-Seok saved her.

Soo-Ah wanted to date Do Kyung-Seok but he was not interested as he was interested in Mi-Rae. He again asked her that is she the girl from middle school as he remembered her dance and perfume. This time she agreed and asked him to keep her old look secret.

In the semester party, Soo-Ah targeted Mi-Rae in a very clever manner and also questioned her beauty that she might not have fixed anything. Mi-Rae was speechless but Do Kyung-Seok took a stand for her. Mi-Rae could not understand anything about why he accused Soo-Ah but he very well understood her behavior. Soo-Ah started crying and played a victim card and ran from there.

Mi-Rae got upset and went out. He senior accused her as a plastic monster because Soo-Ah rejected his proposal and portrayed Mi-Rae as a villain.
Mi-Rae was in distress and called her friend everything. The next day at college, she again felt that everyone was talking about her and again lost her confidence. She asked Do Kyung-Seok not to get involved in her matters. He asked her to change her mindset of rating people’s face and she should have not done the surgery.

The senior called everyone and took everyone into the bathroom. He asked everyone to leave except Mi-Rae as he wanted to take revenge. He pushed her and accused her. He was about to beat her but Do Kyung-Seok came and rescued her. She was heartbroken and went to her house. She spends time with her mother.

Next day she treated Do Kyung-Seok for rescuing her and said she was wrong to rate people’s faces. The two became friends now. While doing an experiment in the chemistry lab, Mi-Rae got hurt. By seeing the attention she was getting, Soo-Ah did not seem to be happy and intentionally fell the test tube and acted to get hurt because of Mi-Rae. She personally wants attention from everyone. Since Mi-Rae was getting attention, she was not liking it and wanted to show her a bad person.

Mi-Rae won a perfume contest and went to the fragrance event. There she met her chemistry teacher and the CEO of Kellun, Na Hye Sung who recused Mi-Rae from committing suicide when she was in middle school. She was Do Kyung-Seok’s mother. She was very impressed to see her passion for perfume. She asked her for dinner and they went to Do Kyung-Seok’s friend bar. He came to help his friend and saw her mother and went away.

They were separated as she wanted to do business but his father did not allow her and tortured her and also she lost her smelling sense. So, she left her children and did what she desired to do. Their father has always kept them away from her.

She asked Mi-Rae to make her meet with Do Kyung-Seok. She asked him for a drink and he agreed. They talked about the family difference but she could not ask him to meet his mother. She said that he has also made fun of her but he denied and told her he never saw anybody dancing like that and was laughing at her feet and he doesn’t like perfumes because her mother used to spray perfume all over her body like a crazy person.
Mi-Rae misunderstood him and was little attracted towards him and Do Kyung-Seok also started to have feelings about her.

Mi-Rae’s teacher shifted near her house. He invited her friend for a drink and she called Mi-Rae in the same bar. Do Kyung-Seok came and saw her and his teacher and he also joined them. The teacher invited them to the house warming party except for Do Kyung-Seok. He was jealous of him that he shifted in Mi-Rae’s neighborhood and he self-invited him. By hearing Mi-Rae would be serving in the college festival, he cross-questioned as she told him she would be busy.

On other side, Soo-Ah stated searching Mi-Rae’s old picture but could not find any picture. There was a college fest where Soo-Ah purposely called Mi-Rae’s classmates. One of them was the boy whom she proposed. He insulted her but she backfired nicely. During the college festival, they got close.

Na Hye was hospitalized so, Mi-Rae and her teacher went to see her. There they came to know that the olfactory nerve has been damaged so, she ate stale food. Mi-Rae stayed back and called Do Kyung-Seok and everything and also messaged him the hospital name and room number but denied to bid her. But he went and saw her mother. They spoke with each other and clarified all his misunderstandings.

When he came back home, he accused his father to spoil her life and their lives too by telling lies about his mother and he left the house and went to the house warming party. He asked her for a movie which was their assignment. She felt very awkward to watch it with him and acting foolish. He totally took it as a date.

Do Kyung-Seok shifted with his teacher. He had to survive with the left money he has. He even does not have enough money to buy food and here his real struggle begins. Later his teacher bought him food. Na Hye came to meet Mi-Rae and found Do Kyung-Seok there. She invited them for a meal and he was so hungry that he agreed to go at that time only. She started caring about him.

After living near, Do Kyung-Seok and Mi-Rae came much closer. He became more protective about Mi-Rae. By seeing things, Soo-Ah was very jealous. She understood that Do Kyung-Seok likes Mo-Rae and started to play mind games. She asked Mi-Rae to help her to be with Do Kyung-Seok and started making her feel low as she does not deserve him. She also joined the same part-time job and Mi-Rae started to ignore him. One of the employees bad mouthed about Mi-Rae and they had a big fight. After that he asked Mi-Rae does she like him but she denied. He was very heartbroken. They started to ignore each other.

In a rainy night, Do Kyung-Seok was waiting for Mi-Rae. But, when Soo-Ah saw him she confessed her feelings and hugged him. By seeing them like that, Mi-Rae got upset. Do Kyung-Seok pushed Soo-Ah and went to Mi-Rae and he confessed his feeling. She rejected him as she still thinks she is not perfect for him even Do Kyung-Seok’s mother explained her lot but she did not understand.

They all were working for a perfume project. There Mi-Rae saw Soo-Ah vomiting her food after eating. That time she under she is also like her and why she was playing those clever games. Soo-Ah wants to date Do Kyung-Seok because he was the most handsome boy in the college so, if she dates him she will be on top. She showed her real character and Mi-Rae understood Soo-Ah hates her a lot. Now, she understood her real intentions.
Mi-Rae’s teacher proposed her but she rejected him. By hearing this, Do Kyung-Seok called her and at last, she said she likes him. He was shocked to hear that but at the same time, he was too happy. They started dating secretly for sometimes.

When everybody got to know about their relationship, they were happy for them except Soo-Ah. Both enjoyed each other’s company.
Slowly everyone was knowing Soo-Ah’s real image. There was a stalker who liked her a lot but she never saw him with good eyes as he was not good looking. He wanted to hurt her but one of their classmate, Mi-Rae and Do Kyung-Seok caught him.

Mi-Rae was accompanying Soo-Ah but, still was seeing her down as she was not pretty like her. This time Mi-Rae shouted and explained her looking pretty is not everything, being happy is more important. Soo-Ah, at last, understood what she was doing with her life and now she decided to live her life normally and will not think about looks. She gave Mi-Rae a gift and apologized to her.

Mi-Rae and Do Kyung-Seok started staying together happily and she lived a normal life as she wanted every time.

In this drama there are many things to learn mainly for teenagers. Nowadays, looks are more important than anything. People judge according to our looks which is wrong. A person’s behavior is the most important thing and never think about others. It affects us only not others. Do watch this drama.

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