Extraordinary You Korean Drama

Extraordinary You is a Korean drama starring Kim Hye Yoon as Eun Dan Oh and Ro Woon as Ha Ru / Number 13 in main leads. It has a perfect storyline and an awesome cast with an extraordinary ending. The drama revolves around a comic book. Every character is a part of the book and plays some role.

Extraordinary You
Some characters grow their ego as they wanted to change their story. They remember everything going on in the script and shadow. They get irritated with their lines but cannot change. They have to say and act according to the author.

Eun Dan Oh wanted to change her role as she has heart disease and can die anytime. So, she wanted to live her own life and wanted to love who she like but, she cannot change the stage. Eun Dan Oh was attracted towards a boy and found he was an extra character without a name. She believed he could change her fate. She named him Ha Ru.

They both started to change the script but, it was dangerous. Because of the change, some unfortunate things happened. Both of them fell for each other but, according to the script, she had to love someone else which she could not accept, and wanted the author to change her fate with Ha Ru and her illness. But the writer decided to remove every unwanted character at the end of the story. The author removes Ha Ru’s character, and he disappeared. Eun Dan Oh was upset and missed him on the graduation day. The story ended with the happy ending of the protagonist of the Secret but, Eun Dan Oh’s love story and her fate were incomplete.

After few years, Dan Oh was in a different comic book but unnamed. She was upset and remembered everything about Ha Ru. He was also a nameless character. They both met again and can enjoy each other's company as they were not important characters.

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