Watch the love in Lovestruck In The City

Lovestruck in the city is a Korean drama starring Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won as the main leads. The theme of this drama is very unique. It portrays the life of the several characters in an interview format where they tell about their past and how things turned out in their previous relationship.

The cinematography and the storyline are amazing. This is a very cleverly written drama. It definitely has the power to attract the viewers to binge-watch. It is exciting even though there are many parallel stories, but the main leads are clearly defined. It is beautifully executed with flashbacks and the perfect timings.

Nowadays, relationships and breakups are very common among youngsters. But, the effect of one bad relation can spoil whole life. The story depicts how past relationships affect the future and the personality of a person. This drama tries to heal the pain and the fear of getting into a relationship again.

Lovestruck in the City

This drama is layered like a puzzle and every next episode gets better than the previous one. To get the whole picture, you have to pick up the pieces from the random scenes of each episode and put them together. You have to watch the drama to know the story because it is a bit complex to explain. There are many interesting characters, everyone together plays a vital role to make the drama so refreshing and splendid.

The ratings are low as it is not hyped but the story and concept are excellent than some overhyped dramas. But you have to understand the depth of the story. To paint a true definition of love is difficult, you have to feel it and relate it with your experience. There are many hidden feelings that some will not understand else, the story is truly a masterpiece.

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