Why everyone should watch Law School?

Law School is a Korean series where Kim Myung Min as Yang Jong Hoon, Kim Bum as Han Joon Hwi, Ryu Hye Young as Kang Sol A, and Lee Jung Eun as Kim Eun Sook. These are the main leads but the supporting actors also played a vital role. Everyone had their own story and a motive to become a lawyer.

Kim Bum after giving a splendid performance in The Tale of the Nine-Tailed, he again showed his capability in Law School. His choice of drama really mesmerized everyone. He proved to fit perfectly in any kind of role. Portraying a smart sensitive student, Kim Bum truly did amaze the viewers.

Why everyone should watch Law School?

Every college has strict professors and here we had Yang Jong Hoon. He was tough yet soft from the heart. He never showed his compassion to his students but he never let his students lose. He was always there for everyone and supported them. He was the main inspiration for many students and even for many professors. Kim Eun Sook is also a professor but a sweet one. She stands for righteousness with her unique mind and supports her student like a mother.

Kang Sol A has portrayed the life of every college student. Not being intelligent is a struggle to survive in any field. But she showed that hard work and smartness are all you need to be successful in life.

Law school is not only a drama it has shown the reality of life whether it is relationships, friendship, or family. Law is there to help everyone and till the person is not found guilty, no one has a right to treat him as a criminal.

The drama is full of suspense and mystery. It will surely motivate you to study law as it shows the power of truth and justice. The drama will drive you crazy just like the ost and the narration of the story. This drama will make your personality grow. If you are not a law student still it will make you think of a case differently and not judge only by its cover. Some criminals are not born to be bad.

I don’t want you to lose interest by knowing the real culprit. To know, do watch this drama. It is worth watching.  The whole cast has done a super job. Every character has a different story to tell which they have done it perfectly. This drama is indeed a masterpiece.

Thank You!