True Beauty Korean Drama

True Beauty is a Korean drama with ratings of 8.6 out of 10. It is inspired by the webtoon True Beauty but the drama has been portrayed differently. Hwang In-yeop (Han Seo-jun), Moon Ga young (Lim Ju-kyung), and Cha Eun-woo (Lee Su-hoo) are the lead actors.

The storyline is pretty simple. Two boys fall for one and she ended up with the lead actor. But the concept behind the title is that the female lead is ugly and was bullied by the students and got transferred. So, she applied makeup and went to her new school. Lee Su-ho knew her secret and protected her but her friend Kang Soo-jin (Park Yoo-na) revealed her secret out of jealousy as she liked Lee Su-ho. Lee Su-ho liked her as she was and that made Lim Ju-kyung’s heart flutter.

True Beauty Korean drama

Han Seo-jun was a perfect friend and helped her in every possible way, but he couldn’t ask her out because she was dating his friend. His character is a mixture of a bad boy and a good boy but for sure he stole the spotlight with his phenomenal performance. Most of the comedy scenes were splendid because of him. The drama is a big hit because of him as fans are talking more about him than Cha Eun-woo.

Everyone started watching this drama because of Cha Eun-woo but ended up loving Hwang In-yeop. The last episode was very emotional where Han Seo-jun sent Lim Ju-kyung to Lee Su-hoo. He was there for everyone but at last, he was hurt the most and decided to move on with his career.

I personally really liked his role. Every drama leaves a second lead syndrome and this too. So from the very start, it was known that they would end together so, their love story was not much interesting. On the other hand, the scene of Han Seo-jun and Lim Ju-Kyung was eye-catching. No offense but I am from Team Han Seo-jun so, it was heartbreaking for me.

I’m sure you will love watching this drama. The actors and the director did a grat job and the story is portrayed beautifully.

Thank You!