The King: Eternal Monarch

The King: Eternal Monarch is a new Korean drama. The story of king of Corea, Lee Gon whose first duty was to perform the last rite of his father.

Lee Gon was 8 years old when his uncle murdered his father. His uncle Lee Rim also attacked Lee Gon and that time an unknown person rescued him and an ID card of Jung Tae-eul fell from his pocket. He kept that ID card and tried to find her.
Lee Rim was jealous of king’s father because he was younger than him and he couldn’t be the king. There was a magical flute which was the key to being eternal and to go in different worlds. He wanted that flute but the 8-year-old Lee Gon broke the flute and he had half of the flute.

The King: Eternal Monarch

Lee Rim ran after killing and went to the bamboo forest where he saw a gate. He found the gate because he had half of the flute. He went through the gate and went to a new world that was the Republic of Korea. That was the parallel world and everyone living in the Kingdom of Corea had a different life in the Republic of Korea. Lee Rim killed himself and his nephew in that world. He took many people from this world to the Kingdom of Corea so that they could work for him.

Lee Gon grew up as a kind king. Noh Ok-nam was always there with him like a mother and Yeong was his guard. Yeong was with him since he was 4 years old. He was the king’s friend and most trustable person. He was king's Unbreakable Sword.

One day king was riding his horse and went to find Jung Tae-eul and ended up in a bamboo village. He could see the gate and decided to go. He discovered the parallel world. He found Jung Tae-eul and she took him to the police station as she was a police officer. She tried to find his identity but failed. He kept on saying that he was not from this world but she did not believe.
Lee Gon stayed there for a week and Jung Tae-eul was still finding his identity but could not find it. The time came when he had to leave and he went. After he left Jung Tae-eul stated reading about a parallel world and missed him. Lee Gon was already in love with her.

He again went to meet her and this time he bought her to his world. She realized that whatever he said it was correct and he was the king if his kingdom. China was coming to attack Corea by the sea and Lee Gon decided to go and solve the situation and succeeded. By this time Jung Tae-eul was in her world and waited for him.
The prime minister of Corea wanted to be Queen and when she saw a girl with him she got jealous. She searched for her identity and found that she was a criminal named Luna.

King started preparing to leave but this time Yeong wanted to go with him and did not want to leave him alone. Both went to that world and Yeong shocked to see his same face boy, Jo Eun-seob in that world. Both had different personalities so others were shocked to see his weird behavior.

Lee Gon decided to keep Yeong in this world and take Jo Eun-seob with him in his kingdom. Yeong started to keep an eye on Lee Rim’s followers. Lee Gon started searching Lee Rim and whenever anyone passes from that gate time stops. It was New Year and when time stopped, Lee Gon understood Lee Rim has arrived. He found him but his followers attacked the public and shot the king. Jo Eun-seob saved the king by bullet shot and did his duty as Yeong would have done.

Lee Rim finds Luna and took her with him. Jung Tae-eul was kidnapped and was brought to Corea. When she got into senses she fought with Lee Rim’s followers and escaped from there. She understood she was not in her world. She tried her best to save herself and tried to contact Lee Gon. She lost hope but suddenly saw him coming and he rescued her. After recovery Jung Tae-eul and Jo Eun-seob went to their world.
Jung Tae-eul found that when she was not there, her twin was living there. Luna went to Lee Gon as Jung Tae-eul and poisoned his drink. Yeong took him rushed to the hospital and could not catch Luna.

After his recovery, he went to his world and Lee Rim was returning to the Republic of Korea. When both were at the same place, they could hear the sound of the flute and both ran to the Kingdom of Corea and both understood that 25 years ago that unknown person was the king himself. He did everything that held 25 years ago and the time came when he could return to the present.

By this time Jung Tae-eul was searching Luna and when she found her, she stabbed her and left. Jung Tae-eul was admitted to the hospital and Lee Gon came after a long gap. After her recovery, they caught Luna and kept her in a different place.

Lee Rim was planning to kill Lee Gon. This time when lee Gon was coming from his world time stopped and found Lee Rim. Yeong shot Lee Rim on his leg and captured him. Jung Tae-eul understood what Lee Gon was thinking. She wanted the flute, for which she called her friend had and went to him to take the flute. She released Luna and told her to take care of her father. She took Lee Rim through the gate and waited for Lee Gon.

Lee Gon again went to the past and this time Yeong was also with him. Everything happened the same at the starting but the 8-year-old Lee Gon could not break the flute and Yeong saved him. Lee Rim took the flute and ran towards the bamboo forest. Lee Gon found him and killed him.

Lee Gon succeeded what he wanted to do and the future changed according to that and everything seems to be positive and had a happy future.

Lee Gon searched  Jung Tae-eul in many worlds and at last, he found her and was shocked to see she remembered everything about him. Every weekend they met each other and to different worlds and time zones and spent together happily.