Watch Youth of May once (Korean Drama 2021)

Youth of May staring Lee Do-Hyun as Hwang Hee-Tae and Go Min-si as Kim Myeong-hee as main leads. The drama portrays a sweet love with a dangerous outcome. In the month of May when the country was in a riot, the two of them unexpectedly fell in love.

Watch Youth of May once (Korean Drama 2021)

Myeong-hee was a nurse and worked hard to study abroad. Because of her poor financial condition, she could never live her life to the fullest.

On the other hand, Hee-Tae was a medical student who wanted to be a writer and singer, forced to complete his studies because of his father. He was traumatized from his past and was scared to treat people as he lost all his confidence. He returned to his hometown Gwangju, to transfer a patient who was his friend’s girlfriend. He was under great pressure as his friend died and wanted him to save her but he failed to do so.

Hee-Tae saw Myeong-hee for the first time at the hospital. His father wanted him to marry a businessman's daughter Lee Soo-ryeon and they decided to go on a date. He was a defense security leader. He was a powerful man with tons of officers working under him. He was the main leader in the chaotic situation.

Soo-ryeon was a social worker. She was the main leader of the protest. She wanted the freedom to go out so she accepted to go on date but in her place, she sent Myeong-hee and planned to make Hee-Tae dislike her. When Myeong-hee went on a date, Hee-Tae fell for her at first sight. They continued to date and Myeong-hee slowly fell for him.

Everyone was scared of Hee-Tae's father as he threatened three of them. The situation got heated up and the family decided that both should get married. Hee-Tae and Soo-ryeon were forced to get engaged as they didn’t have any choice. Myeong-hee was sad to see all these and wanted Hee-Tae to spend the May with him.

Both had a sad past and were struggling to be happy but when they both are together it seems they both got the happiness of their lifetime.

Myeong-hee and Hee-Tae started dating but their happiness was not for a long time.  Soo-ryeon’s family got to know about these and Hee-Tae's father threatened Myeong-hee. Hee-Tae was scared and beg his father to leave Myeong-hee.  Because of this Myeong-hee was unable to go abroad but still, they decided to see each other.

In the era of the Gwangju uprising, many died. Myeong-hee was also one of them. To save her little brother, she sacrificed herself. Hee-Tae never forgets his true love and always remembers the month of May. He lived with good memories and regrets. But at last, he decided to live a life that Myeong-hee wanted him to live till he meets her.

The story is a tribute to the victims of the Gwangju uprising. The dark past of South Korea will always be in the hearts of citizens because a huge number of people have died. The cast has done justice with their characters and succeeded to show the pure love and struggle of survival of earlier days. The drama has a heart-breaking ending but worth watching.


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