All-rounder Mr. Queen

The lead actress Shin Hye-Sun of Mr. Queen, at last, got her golden life. After a brilliant performance shown in the K-drama My Golden Life, it was surprising to watch such a contrasting role from her. By her amazing performance in Mr. Queen is has won many hearts.

The ratings of this drama are very high and everyone is enjoying it a lot. The drama is full of comedy, amazing story and with mouth watery foods. This is indeed a modern historical drama. Those who don’t like historical dramas, do watch this.

Mr. Queen Korean Drama

The Queen is funny, quick-witted, kind-hearted, and bold. She has broken all the stereotypes of the savage female leads because she is out of the blue sky. The drama has completely given justice to the title because there isn’t a time when you can say she is behaving like a woman. She has great comic timing and is flawless.

On the other hand, the king is dumb. The romance and love story is on the next level because it is more of a comedy scene than a romantic one. It is amusing to watch both coming closer and falling for each other.

Even the supporting cast is like clowns. They all have a funny personality and everyone did a great job. This drama is a big hit because of the talented cast and crew. Overall it’s awesome.


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