Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Put your head on my shoulder is a very popular Chinese drama. This shows how a genius physics student falls for an ordinary girl.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder

The drama begins with introducing the lead actress Si Tu Mo. She is studying accounting but interested in the field of advertisement. Her parents admitted her to accounting but later she got to know that she was much better in the advertising field. She did some courses too.
She was going for an interview with her high school friend Fu Pei, but they met an accident with the genius student, Gu Wei Yi, and their bags were exchanged.

Gu Wei Yi was having an important examination, but didn’t have the pass. So, he had to leave the exam and Si Tu Mo also didn’t qualify in the interview.
Fu Pei was interested in playing basketball. He never gave time to Si Tu Mo. In high school, Fu Pei proposed Si Tu Mo and asked her out that they would be together after passing the school. Si Tu Mo had a crush on him from that time and she has some expectations but, Fu Pei was careless about her feelings.

Si Tu Mo again had an interview and this time Fu Pei promised that he would go with her, but because of his match he didn’t go and Si Tu Mo was all alone and was waiting. After calling multiple times and she decided to go further. A thief snatched her bag, pushed her badly, and she got hurt. Again she called Fu Pei, Gu Wei Yi received the call as he left his phone in the hostel room. Gu Wei Yi didn’t found Fu Pei so he went to Si Tu Mo and took her to the hospital. Fu Pei came to find Si Tu Mo as she was injured but she was very disappointed. She was sad.

The interview postponed to the next day and Fu Pei told her he would not let Si Tu Mo go alone. She was waiting for Fu Pei, but he sent Gu Wei Yi to go with her. She was a little upset. They stepped onto the bus.

While traveling, Gu Wei Yi’s sir came and was requesting him to give the exam which he missed. But he was not ready to give because it would be an injustice for others. He did not want to hear all these things so, he told Si Tu Mo is her girlfriend, and asked him not to disturb them. By hearing this, Si Tu Mo was shocked, but she understood he wanted to ignore his sir.
Si Tu Mo again failed in the interview because her stream was very different from advertising. After having dinner, she went to the hostel and then said she had her meal with Gu Wei Yi she thought they would not know him but everybody knew about him. That time she got to know that the exam which he missed was so much important.

Next day she went to the lecturer and asked him what she can do. He took her to professor Jiang. He did not know about his ability as no one qualified for his experiment team. Si Tu Mo praises Gu Wei Yi a lot and the professor gave her a question paper for Gu Wei Yi to solve.
Si Tu Mo and Fu Pei went to him to convince him but he denied but Si Tu Mo offended him and he agreed to solve. Gu Wei Yi took some time and after solving, they went to eat.
At the restaurant, Fu Pei was sending voice messages to some girls and asking them to attend the match. Suddenly, a waitress came and asked Fu Pei does her girlfriend drinks and he denied that she is not his girlfriend. By listening to all these, she got upset and took a beer and started drinking. Gu Wei Yi saw her upset but didn’t say anything and at the same time his sir came asked Gu Wei Yi that he is having a meal with his girlfriend. By hearing this, Fu Pei was shocked a little.

Next morning, Si Tu Mo got a call from an advertising firm where she got the trainee job and Professor Jiang called Gu Wei Yi and was impressed by his performance and was succeed to convince him to join the project team.
Si Tu Mo started to work and was having a problem with the transport as the company was far from the hostel. So, her mother told her to stay at her friend’s house which was near the company and no one stays there. She agreed and shifted to flat which was owned by Gu Wei Yi.

Gu Wei Yi started working with the professor in the experiment and had some work near his house so, he would stay there. Hearing this, Si Tu Mo didn’t know that it would be a boy. Due to heavy rainfall, Gu Wei Yi could not find a cab to go back to the hostel so, he went to his flat.
Both were shocked to see each other and Gu Wei Yi got angry to see his flat dirty. Both started to clean first. Because of a different gender, they faced many awkward situations. Si Tu Mo’s mother was very impressed by her friend’s son, she wanted them to know each other better.
Late night, Si Tu Mo was having stomach ache and Gu Wei Yi gave her expired medicine and she fainted. He got frightened and took her hospital immediately. He started caring for her. The doctor suggested her to eat light as she fainted because of gastric. Fu Pei came to meet Si Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi felt bad to see him. He started to develop feelings for her. Fu Pei was getting insecure to see both of them together.

Si Tu Mo decided to get back to the hostel but Gu Wei Yi wanted her to stay back so, he started thinking plans how to stop her. Fu Pei got to know that they lived together and started behaving weirdly then finally Si Tu Mo questioned their relationship and he did not have anything to say and wished her to stay happy with Gu Wei Yi. Si Tu Mo got very upset.

Si Tu Mo’s mother came to see them. She stays with them for a few days and happy to see them together. He mother made them delicious food and she took them to play some game.  Gu Wei Yi did not know how to play after observing others playing he understood and won all the games and quit playing with him. He earned lots of money and gave it to Si Tu Mo. Si Tu Mo’s mother was proud of him and wanted them to be together.

Si Tu Mo’s mother left and wanted her to live with him and signs a contract. Si Tu Mo did not follow the contract and went back to the hostel but she always used to return late at the hostel so, she was having a problem there. Gu Wei Yi seems to miss them and was not able to focus on his work. Si Tu Mo had to leave her job and again went to an interview and Gu Wei Yi accompanied her and she got the job.

Next morning, Gu Wei Yi called her and lied to her to come back home as her mother was coming. She rushed and went with her friend and got to know her mother will not come. Her friend invited Fu Pei and by seeing him, both Gu Wei Yi and Si Tu Mo got upset. Her friend started to like him. Si Tu Mo stayed all night and was about to go back to the hostel, but Gu Wei Yi started finding a way to stop her. He was successful and she stayed back. Si Tu Mo’s mother sent the contract and Gu Wei Yi hid that paper so that Si Tu Mo could not move out.
They started to live together. They became comfortable with each other. They have the same friend circle and planned to go on a trip. Gu Wei Yi was always around her and took good care of her. They all enjoyed it a lot.

After returning back, both got busy with their work. Si Tu Mo’s friends came to the house to celebrate her birthday. Both came closer and Si Tu Mo also started to like him. Gu Wei Yi was drunk and kissed Si Tu Mo. She dreamt of proposing her, but actually, he did not remember what had happened. She got angry. She thought he likes his senior as she got some feeling for him and he thinks that Si Tu Mo still likes Fu Pei.

Gu Wei Yi started to impress her and Si Tu Mo whenever she hears about his senior, she acts strange and Gu Wei Yi doesn’t get it why she behaves like this.
Gu Wei Yi thought to propose her so, he asked some suggestions from his professor and his project friends. It’s really interesting to watch his strange confession techniques. One day she directly asked him and he agreed. Both got into relation and was very happy. Gu Wei Yi was bad in romance but it’s very interesting to watch their love story.

Gu Wei Yi had to go to Heidelberg University, Germany for his further studies with his professor and senior. Si Tu Mo got upset and there is a leap of 6 months, Si Tu Mo thought to surprise him and went to see him. There they got married.
This is a really good drama to watch. Please do watch it.

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