Page Turner

This is a short Korean drama of three teens, Jin Mok, Yoon Yoo Seul, and Cha Sik.

Page Turner

Jin Mok and Yoo Seul is a pianist and competes with each other. Yoo Seul’s mother told her to be his page turner and to make mistakes to turn the page while he plays the piano. She agreed to be his page turner but she did her job correctly and turned the page at the correct time.

Jin Mok was shocked that she flipped it correctly and now he became her page turner. At the time to flip the page, he intentionally dropped the book. But, his plan got flopped as she remembered the lyrics and played without the book. The judges were impressed and again she won.

Jin Mok was jealous of her as he knows she is better than him. Earlier Yoo Seul’s mother was a piano tutor of Jin Mok but he was very stubborn. He wanted to change the tutor as she wanted him to play with feelings but he couldn’t. He insults her very much and suddenly Yoo Seul started to play the piano. Her mother was shocked to hear her playing perfectly as she never taught her. She was very happy and made her mind that she will make her daughter a successful pianist.

From that time Jin Mok and Yoo Seul started to hate each other. After losing the competition, he prayed she should be punished as she keeps on degrading him and got a phone call that Yoo Seul met an accident and lost her eyesight.

Jin Mok started to feel guilty and started thinking that it was because of him and wanted to apologize to her. So, he went to the hospital. Yoo Seul’s mother still wanted her to play the piano. By hearing this Yoo Seul got upset and thought to commit suicide. She thought to go rooftop and asked Cha Sik to take her.

Cha Sik was good in the long jump. He wanted to win many awards and make his mother proud of him. There was a competition with a foreign player and he crossed his record. In excitement, he wanted to make a new record but faced an accident and got a spondylitis problem. The doctor told him he cannot exercise anymore. By hearing this he broke down and he too thought to commit suicide but he changed his mind.

When Yoo Seul asked him to take her to rooftop he understood her intentions and took her to the parking lot. She was about to jump and Jin Mok came there and again cursed him and said she is tired to pretend to like playing the piano. Yoo Seul jumped and Cha Sik caught her. She was too angry to be tricked by him.

Yoo Seul decided to quit playing the piano and wanted to do her work alone without her mother’s help. Her mother insisted, she will be her helper but she denied. She went to school net day. It was tough for her but Jin Mok helped her secretly. In school, she spilled soup at a girl. So, the teacher decided that she needs a helper. Jin Mok wanted to be her helper but she disagreed and suddenly Cha Sik appeared to be her helper so that he could get admission to her school.

Cha Sik transferred his school because his mother lied to him that his father is a famous pianist and he has inner talent. So, he now wanted to play piano and wanted Yoo Seul to teach him. Yoo Seul agreed to be her helper. He wanted to meet his father so send letters to him and he decided to come to Korea and was the chief guest of the competition.

There was a duet piano competition and he bet Jin Mok that he will win. He asked her to play the piano once. She played marvelously and he was stunned. He worked hard to practice the same tune and asked her to teach him. She wanted him to play a sample and she was astonished by hearing him. She agreed to the duet competition. They practiced a lot and Cha Sik practiced doubled. But, he was afraid he would not perform well and Yoo Seul would quit piano completely. So, he asked Jin Mok to play on behalf of him at the final practice. Yoo Seul was very happy and praised him a lot. By hearing those praise, Jin Mok decided to be a piano tutor.

Next day at the competition, Cha Sik got to know that his mother lied about his father. He was very disappointed and lost all his confidence. He requested Jin Mok to play with Yoo Seul and he agreed. After that Yoo Seul continued to play and won many awards and was finally happy to win those awards.

Cha Sik took her mother with him and showed her what her lie has done to him. He plays the piano perfectly and she was shocked to see him. He became a nice pianist and also won many awards.

This drama shows how life makes different decisions for us. The main thing is hard work and confidence. Hard work makes everything possible. This is a good short drama and worth watching. Please do watch it.