My girlfriend is an Alien

My girlfriend is an Alien is a popular Chinese drama. This drama shows how a human and an alien fell for each other.

My girlfriend is an Alien

Chai Xiaoqi, who is a girl alien from the planet Cape Town came to Earth with her turtle pet Kubri and accidentally lost her annunciator as she could not contact the headquarters and had to stay on Earth. She saves the male actors from the car blast as it was raining and he faced an accident. So, she suspects that her annunciator is with him.
She is not only an alien, but also a true handed witch. Once she inhaled the hormones emitted by the males on the Earth, she would fall into the flowery state and suffer from various diseases.

She encountered the male lord who is an overbearing boss named Fang Leng, who was suffering from the rainy weather heterosexual amnesia ie, he forgets the females around him whom he met or knows after rain. This disease was hidden from everybody and only his personal assistant and doctor knew about this who was always by his side. Leng suffered this disease after his mother’s death and his dad married his stepmother who was very cruel in nature and his father never cared about him that much.

Xiaoqi use her superpowers to solve many problems as she does not have money to survive, but manage to get a house whose owner thinks Xiaoqi is a rich lady, but a mad person and permits her to stay in her house and bid to do all the work as she had a restaurant. So, she gives Xiaoqi the job of delivering food.

While working Xiaoqi meets a handsome guy who is the stepbrother of Fang Leng. They both become friends after a few meetings. Leng forces his brother Fang Lie to paint for the exhibition, but he always finds a way to escape. Leng was shocked to see the friendship between Lei and Xiaoqi.

Xiaoqi tries to find her annunciator in Leng’s office, but she fails to find it out on the another side whenever Leng is in front her she tries to hug him as she is obsessed with male hormones. After a few fights and care, they both come closer to each other and Leng realizes that after the rain, he does not forget about Xiaoqi and believes that she is different from others.

After that, Leng is always around Xiaoqi and she also helps him in business in various ways and Leng started to fall for her. On the other side, Xiaoqi always tried to find her annunciator with her superpowers, but never got the exact location. Suddenly one day Leng offered Xiaoqi to work in his company as his secretary. At first, she thought to reject, but her house owner convinced her to work with him. She started to work with Leng and there the romance between boss and employee was the best thing to watch. Slowly Xiaoqi was able to be the part of the scientific research department where a scientist was constantly researching on Xiaoqi’s blood turned to emerald. When she found her annunciator she stole it. Leng did not suspect her, but the scientist suspected that something and began to investigate about Xiaoqi.  

There was a project on perfumes for which Xiaoqi and Lie went to a master where the typhoon was to hit shortly, so Leng rushed to them as he was worried about them. That time Xiaoqi got to know that the annunciator was inside Leng. She tries to take out from his heart but fails. Xiaoqi and Lie wanted to make jealous Leng so Lie kissed Xiaoqi. By seeing this Leng got angry, but after some time, Xiaoqi was missing. Xiaoqi’s skin was too sensitive. Human skin cannot touch directly except Fang Leng or else she feels too cold. That night there was heavy rain and in the morning his illness was back and he forgets Xiaoqi.

Doctor and his secretary learned that he has forgotten about Xiaoqi and tries to remind him but fails. The doctor tells Xiaoqi everything about his amnesia. Leng wanted to break up with her, but she wanted her annunciator so she again struggled a lot. On the other side Lie started liking her. After watching Lie and Xiaoqi’s bond Leng was jealous. After a few meetings with Xiaoqi, he gets to know that he has some special bonding with her. He again started liking her.

One day the scientist stole Xiaoqi’s pet and came to know that they were not from this world. He kidnapped Xiaoqi and tortured her. As she was too weak she was not able to use her superpowers. The scientist took lots of blood as he came to know her blood turns into an emerald. After a few hours, Leng and Lie came to rescue her, but she was too weak to eat earthy food. She was only able to drink water and she needs to go to her planet immediately otherwise she would die.

After an accident Leng comes to know that she is an alien. Leng got to know about her pet. He hypnotized Xiaoqi and took the turtle. He told everything about the annunciator that it was in his heart and taking it out was very risky. With the help of the turtle, the annunciator was taken out. Leng forces her to go to her planet and pressed the button of the annunciator. After a few days, the spaceship arrived and she vanished.
A few months passed, Xiaoqi came back with to Fang Leng.

I really recommend this drama. You will not get bored for a minute also. It is worth watching, one of the best dramas I have watched. This is the first drama I am sharing it with you all. I will share more drama further.

Thank You!