School 2015: Who are you

School 2015: Who are you is a Korean drama where it shows the lives of identical twin sisters. There is also a love triangle which is very interesting to watch.

The drama starts with showing the life of Lee Eunbi, where she says about her experience at her school that she wants and does not want to go to school at the same time. She is an orphan so she works part-time and wants to become a teacher.

Then it shows how her classmates bully her. Here, Soyeong is the main villain. Lee Eunbi does not have friends and her classmates bully a lot, but cannot complain as she is an orphan and Soyeong’s father is a highly reputed lawyer. Lee Eunbi cares a lot about orphan children and tries to be happy, but deep inside she is always in the pain of not having parents.

Her twin sister Go Eungyeol used to send her gifts as she is adopted and lives a very different life in Seoul.
Now, Go Eungyeol is going for a school trip to Tongyeong where Lee Eunbi lives.

Han Ian is a freestyle swimmer and have won many prizes. He is a childhood friend of Go Eungyeol. Han Ian likes her, but she does not have any feelings except friendship.

Suddenly, Go Eungyeol got a message from Jeong Suin who was dead. She was her very good friend, but she was also bullied by her classmates and she committed suicide. Go Eungyeol was very guilty that she did not help her.

After reaching Tongyeong, Go Eungyeol started observing Lee Eunbi remotely. After seeing Soyeong torturing her Go Eungyeol wanted to stop her but Lee Eunbi jumped into the water and attempted suicide, but Go Eungyeol saved her. After this accident, Lee Eunbi suffered from amnesia and Go Eungyeol left her mother’s scarf and left her alone in the hospital.

Now, Go Eungyeol’s went missing and everybody started searching for her. After searching her everywhere, Go Eungyeol’s mother found Lee Eunbi and thought she was her daughter.
Go Eungyeol wanted Lee Eunbi to live a happy life as she was very sad to see her living like that. So, she gave her identity to Lee Eunbi.

And on another side, in Tongyeong everyone thought Lee Eunbi has committed suicide and she is dead. Soyeong was blamed for bullying her and found guilty as everyone believes that Lee Eunbi has committed suicide because of her. So, she had to leave her old school.

Lee Eunbi went to Seoul. As she has forgotten everything she could not identify anyone but she was happy to live with her mother.
Everyone was feeling weird to see her so calm as Go Eungyeol used to have a very bad attitude.

Next day Eunbi went to school and met Gong Taegwang. His life was a real mess. His father never introduced as his son and his mother left him when he was small. He loved her mother too much, but when she left he was all broken and his father never had time for him.

After a week, Yeongeun’s mother complained that her jewellery was missing. By opening Go Eungyeol’s locker jewellery was found. Yeongeun was her classmate. She did not have friends but to make friends she used to spend money on them. She wanted to take revenge from Go Eungyeol because she never begged for friends. Yeongeun has only stolen the jewellery and before the accident, she exchanged her locker with Go Eungyeol.

Lee Eunbi and Han Ian was talking beside the swimming pool. During playing, she fell into the pool and got her memory back. She went home and saw her sister’s secret book where she wrote that her mother saw Lee Eunbi but at the time of adopting her mother adopted Go Eungyeol and she never told her that she has a twin sister.

Next day, Lee Eunbi understands how it feels to be bullied and having no friend. She understood how Yeongeun might be feeling so, she gave her justice without humiliating her. Yeongeun left the school and wanted to make a new start.
Slowly Gong Taegwang and Lee Eunbi became very good friends. Taegwang liked her calm nature.

Lee Eunbi decide to go back Tongyeong and left a letter for her mother. When she read the letter, she rushed to Tongyeong and got to know that by saving Lee Eunbi, Go Eungyeol might have died. Go Eungyeol’s mother took Lee Eunbi with her as Go Eungyeol and don’t want to think that Go Eungyeol is no more.

Lee Eunbi started going to school and was shocked to see Soyeong as a new admission. Soyeong suspect Go Eungyeol to be Lee Eunbi.
Lee Eunbi indirectly confesses Taegwang that she is not Go Eungyeol. Soyeong again tried to bully Lee Eunbi but Taegwang was always there to rescue Lee Eunbi. Soyeong also tests the handwriting and got to know that she is not Go Eungyeol, but Lee Eunbi never agreed that she is not Go Eungyeol. Taegwang after knowing Lee Eunbi’s truth, he always protected her and told her to act as Go Eungyeol. Taegwang slowly started liking her, but she was falling for Han Ian.

Slowly everybody got to know that because of Soyeong Lee Eunbi has committed suicide and everybody started to hate her. Lee Eunbi changed her attitude like Go Eungyeol and shouted in front of the students that because of Soyeong her sister committed suicide.
Go Eungyeol returned home and both started to stay together. Go Eungyeol tried to protect her sister as much as possible. After returning, she started to go to school. By looking at her bad attitude everybody gets to know that she got her memory back, but when Soyeong tried to bully her, she got the best answer and she did not dare to say anything.

Soyeong listens when Go Eungyeol and Han Ian were talking about Lee Eunbi, but because of the attitude and strength, Soyeong could never say anything.

At the last of the episode, Soyeong thought to expose Lee Eunbi and threatens Go Eungyeol as Lee Eunbi was about to confess in front of everyone that she is not Go Eungyeol. But before that Go Eungyeol arrives and everyone gets shocked to see twin sisters.

Soyeong had made a video of Lee Eunbi so she always threatens that she will leak it. Go Eungyeol recorded Soyeong confession that she made the video and threaten her to never mention the video.
On the other side, Lee Eunbi explains everyone that she has been telling lies all these days and apologized. After hearing everything, everyone accepts her and considers her friend.

After all these things, Han Ian realized that he loves Lee Eunbi and gave her, his gold medal.
Go Eungyeol decided to go for higher studies and Lee Eunbi got admission in the same school.

I really recommend everyone to watch this drama. I have only given the basic plot, but this drama is full of twists and turns and also has a love triangle. Personally, I didn’t like the ending as I wanted Lee Eunbi to end with Taegwang as he was always there for her and he really liked her so much. So, you all watch and say are you happy with the ending or not.

Thank You!