Best Romantic Chinese Drama

Chinese movies and dramas are very much similar. I would prefer Chinese drama because most of the dramas are super romantic and a pleasure to watch.

Chinese drama contains different genres like historical, re-enactment, thriller, comedy but most of the dramas are romantic.

Best Romantic Chinese Drama

Some best romantic dramas are:

My Girlfriend is an alien is a very popular drama, where an alien accidentally lands on the earth and losses her transmitter. Slowly she gets to know about the CEO and is attracts human hormones which the male lead hates as she becomes very clingy. Slowly he falls in love with her as he gets emotionally attaches to her.

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Put your head on My Shoulder is a simple drama but a beautiful one where it has shown that you can find true love after losing your crush.

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Go Go Squid is a drama for gamers. A software programmer girl falls in love at first sight with a guy who owns a top game company. The story of these two is different from other couples and more fun to watch.

Love 020 defines how destiny hits us in a good way. A girl with beauty and brain loves to play games and after her partner left suddenly, she gets a new partner who is also her senior in her college.

The Brightest Star in the Sky is set with the music industry as background. It nicely portrays the highs and lows, struggles of the artist linked to a music company. The love story between a musician and a heroine is surely a great combination.

My Unicorn Girl is a rom-com drama where two enemies who are equally talented, slowly falls in love after knowing each other. Fights and teasing between the two leads make the drama more amazing.

Love the way you are is a drama of a famous model who has a rare disease and she cannot eat more than a limit or else she would gain immediate weight. The main lead is a famous chef, and they were in the same school. The girl proposed to him but was humiliated because of her big size. She hated him because of some misunderstanding and after knowing the true identity the guy loved her in her actual body size.

Chinese dramas are a little bit longer as some of them have more than 20 episodes but they are worth watching. Watch these dramas as all have remarkable stories. There are many more interesting dramas but I have listed in a way that you all can watch all the different types of it.

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