Run On Korean Drama Real Life Story

Run On is a Korean drama with a very extraordinary plot starring Im Shi Wan, Shin Se Kyung, Choi Soo Young, and Kang Tae Oh as the main leads. The characters are relatable and are incredibly talented. There is romance, bromance, comedy, and an amazing storyline.

It’s a journey of human life and the director has portrayed it in a realistic way. There is no love triangle, no action or suspense. The story revolves around achieving goals and live a normal life.

Run On Korean Drama

Ki Sun Gyeom (Im Shi Wan) is perfect in friendship and love. He is selfless and innocent and the actor has portrayed it very nicely. He is moreover a soft-spoken person. He was an athlete but due to legal issues, he had to quit. Later he successfully becomes a sports agent after a lot of struggles.

On the other hand, Oh Mi Joo (Shin Se Kyung) is independent, straightforward, and outspoken. She is selfish but not in a bad way. Her character is the most related one because we all are selfish when it comes to us. She is a subtitle translator and was happy after getting credits on her first project and met Ki Sun Gyeom.

The conversations and love between the two are extremely hilarious and full of comedy. The harmony is pure perfection and very interestingly portrayed.

Seo Dan Ah (Choi Soo Young) and Lee Young Hwa (Kang Tae Oh) are the other main leads. Seo Dan Ah has portrayed an interesting character but more of a savage. She is the CEO of the sports agency. Lee Young Hwa is an art student. Both completely from different fields, still able to develop a bond. Sweet romance is shown and the drama very well portrays the infamous concept of opposite attracts.

Run On has definitely portrayed a refreshing, unique, and unpredictable story with a real-life track. The female leads are shown stronger and more independent than the male leads. It is written and directed so well and you will definitely relate yourself. So, watch this light-hearted and heart-warming drama and very sure you’ll never regret it.

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