Why did Jo Jo choose Hye Young? Love Alarm S2

Love Alarm Season 2 has been released with 6 episodes on Netflix on 12th March. The fans are shocked by the ending. Kim Jo Jo finally chose Lee Hye Young over Hwang Sun Oh.

In every K-drama with love triangles, viewers wished to end the female lead with the second lead. In love alarm, viewers were excited about the second season but the plot has taken a big twist and with an unexpected ending.

Love Alarm S2

It was heartbroken to watch that without any mistake, Hwang Sun Oh had to suffer a lot because of Kim Jo Jo. He full-heartedly loved her but in return, he got the full blame and sadness.

Hye Young is a very charming person and it’s hard not to love him back. So, when Jo Jo saw his love and care for her, she fell for him. He deserves all the happiness and both lived happily which is the most important thing.

The drama was a bit unfair for Hwang Sun Oh because they couldn’t give a perfect reason for Jo Jo rejecting him. Jo Jo took away his smile and never thought of that. He tried a lot to move on but couldn’t and Jo Jo made his life miserable for real by dumping him.

The drama is not being loved by many but those who wanted Jo Jo to end up with Hye Young are happy. The storyline is a bit dull but the cinematography, acting, and ost are awesome. This season couldn’t meet the expectations of the viewers and was a bit disappointing. The first season was way much better but overall the plot is not that great.

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