Can Autistic be a Good Doctor? K-Drama

Good Doctor is a South Korean drama series starring Joo Won as Park Shi-on and Moon Chae- won as Cha Yoon-Seo as the main leads. The drama revolves around an autistic who wants to be a surgeon. He has the ability to identify a patient’s condition just by seeing or just touching. His memorizing power is beyond any normal human being.

His father hated him and abused him and killed his pet. He was traumatized after his pet’s death and decided to be a doctor. Park Shi-on did not have any friends and at a young age, he lost his beloved brother. After his brother’s death, he forgot everything about his parents except his brother and his pet. He started studying and at a very young age, he had memorized every detail about the human body. He wanted to make his dream come true for his late brother.

Good Doctor South Korean drama

Park Shi-on got a job as an intern in a reputed hospital. Being different from others, Park Shi-on had to deal with many difficulties. His personality is unique and straightforward so his seniors did not like him but Cha Yoon-Seo treated him as her younger brother. He used to get minor panic attacks in critical situations and used to tell the patients that his professor Kim Do-Han can treat the patient successfully. By this behavior, many doctors were angry and wanted him to leave but his hard work and sincerity made him permanent in the hospital.

The head of the surgeon gave a patient banned medicine and the condition became serious. Park Shi-on recognized the medicine and other doctors lost respect towards the head. He got angry with him and planned against him. He failed in his plan but whenever Park Shi-on sees the head, he used to respect him a lot. The head was shocked by his behavior but slowly he builds a soft corner and supports and appreciates him.

Slowly, Park Shi-on and Cha Yoon-Seo fell in love but Park Shi-on was hesitating to announce to everyone. He thought that everyone will make fun of her. Cha Yoon-Seo gave him strength and she announced her relationship with Park Shi-on. At first, everyone was shocked but slowly accepted his ability and maturity and was happy for both of them.

The drama nicely portrays how a person can change an evil’s mind with innocence and respect, also that society needs to accept everyone equally.

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