My Love from the Star

My Love from the Star is a Korean drama. This drama shows the love story of an alien and a human being. Alien has got many superpowers but one thing that makes his life complicated was that his hearing power was very strong.

My Love from the Star

400 years ago a UFO was landed and an alien was left-back and couldn’t go from Earth. That time, some villagers were going to kill a child who became a widow. So, that alien protected her from cruel villagers and her in-laws. He became attached to the child and shared a nice bond but one day some villagers came to kill the child again. They threw arrows towards them. She thought that he would die, so she came forward and she died.

The alien saw the village turning to Seoul. Every 10 years he prepared a death certificate of him and shifted somewhere else to live so that no one questions about his age. His appearance was the same as he was in 400 years ago.

Now the alien lived in Seoul as Do Min-Joon and he was a lecturer. After living so many years, he understood people think whatever happens is fate. A UFO was about to come after 400 years and he knew he would go after 3 months. So, his new fate begins.

Do Min-Joon had a friend who knew everything about him. He used to spend time with him and share everything that happens in his life. 12 years ago, he dreamt of an accident of a child whose face matched with the widow child 400 years ago. So before leaving Earth he wished to meet her once.

That child was now a very famous actress Cheon Song-Yi. She had many rivals and enemies. She had a kind heart but she was upset why her fans comment badly about her on her back and good in front of her.
From middle school, she had two friends Yoo Se-Mi and Lee Hee-Kyung. Hee-Kyung has been proposing Song Yi for 15 years and she kept on rejecting him. But still, he continued to propose her. By seeing this Se-Mi was hurt because she likes him. She played roles of supporting actress and Song-Yi’s mother would never leave a single moment to embarrass her. All these things made her hate Song-Yi.

Hee-Kyung had an elder brother Lee Jae-Kyung who is manages everything in their company with his father. From starting, it is shown that his intentions are not nice.

Cheon Song-Yi was shifted into a new house. She met the Do Min-Joon and thought he was following her. She started her non-sense talk and got to know that he was her neighbour and was shocked to see he didn’t know her. Next, she went to school and saw that the alien was a professor. She usually did not go to school but the media made meaningless news so she had to go. She asked help for her assignment but he denied. Her assistant made her an assignment which was all copied and when Do Min-Joon saw he got to know she plagiarized so he gave her zero. She was very upset to hear everyone making fun of her. That night she was drunk and could not remember the door password and went to Do Min-Joon’s house.

Next day, Do Min-Joon found a purse that she forgot and saw the photo of a girl who was 12 years ago. He immediately went to her and asked who she is but thought she was not the same girl whom he saved earlier. There he saw her heels and remembered that he dreamt again that she might fall in the water from a boat.

At night, she was having severe stomach-ache and no one was there to help but Do Min-Joon heard and took her hospital and there was an appendix surgery. He took care of her. They both started to share a friendly bond now.
There was a wedding celebration of an actress on a ship. Many celebrities and businessmen attended that party. Song-Yi and Han Yoo-Ra were rivals. They usually had a cold war.

At that party also they had some arguments but Han Yoo-Ra used to flaunt that she was going to get married. Han Yoo-Ra and Lee Jae-Kyung were talking to each other and were secretly dating. Yoo-Ra wanted to say everyone about it but Jae-Kyung seems to be unhappy. Song-Yi heard everything and got some strange vibes but she didn’t say anything. Yoo-Ra left her purse in the restroom and Song-Yi started to find her. She was drunk and about to fall but Do Min-Joon came and saved her. The next morning, everyone got the news that Yoo-Ra died and everyone started blaming Song-Yi.

Many news reporters gather in front of her house and she wanted to run but can’t and had to hide at Do Min-Joon’s house. She lived there for a few days and was sad to think that how others could blame her for Yoo-Ra’s death. Police started to investigate and it was shown as a suicide. Because of this incident, many companies canceled their contract with Song-Yi and Se-Mi got the lead role. She was benefiting from Song-Yi’s career fall and was happy but she was still jealous of her to see Hee-Kyung always talking about Song-Yi.

Jae-Kyung tried every possible to erase all the evidence which showed that there was a relationship between Yoo-Ra but she always had a pen drive in her purse which was with Song-Ra. He tried to get the purse but failed so, he planned to kill her. He made many attempts to kill her but somehow Do Min-Joon saved her every time. He started giving threatening gifts also gave her a soft toy that had a camera installed in it. Do Min-Joon took out the camera and saw a pen drive on her table and he took it.

Song-Yi started to like Do Min-Joon and wanted to stay most of her time with him but he started to ignore her as he also started liking her. She kept following him and he thought to tell her the truth. He took her to the museum, there was a hairpin which he had given to that girl 400 years ago. He told her that he is an alien. Earlier she did not believe and still follow him but when he said he doesn’t like her she also started ignoring him.
Song-Yi got a supporting role in a movie which was an action movie. Jae-Kyung again made a set up to kill her and at the shooting, her protection rope got torn and she fell down and got injured. Hee-Kyung also got hurt as he was trying to save her. Both were in a critical situation but was cured. By hearing this news, Do Min-Joon got angry and went to Jae-Kyung and threatened him to kill him.

He went to Hee-Kyung room and threatened Jae-Kyung not to do any evil act and Hee-Kyung was hearing everything and got to know about his brother’s evil acts. After recovering he started to act that he does not remember anything about recent days and started to investigate about his real intentions.

Song-Yi started to work and as she was a supporting actress, the crew kept her waiting and all left her at the set and went. Do Min-Joon went there and told her he would protect her. He showed his feeling that he loves her. They were very happy and he told that he may not stay for a very long time. Hearing this, she broke down.

Hee-Kyung started to investigate and got to know that his brother has been captured her sister in law in the mental asylum. With the help of Do Min-Joon and police, he rescued her and wanted his brother to confess his mistakes but he didn’t. She told him that she found a pen recorder of his older brother who was dead. She told him the place where she has kept the pen and after receiving it, he was shocked to know that his brother killed his older brother.

He called Jae-Kyung and asked him the truth. He confessed everything and was about to kill Hee-Kyung but Do Min-Joon came and saved him as there were also police officers who helped him. They arrested him. Jae-Kyung told them that he has sent Song-Yi’s favorite wine which has poison in it. By hearing this Do Min-Joon rushed to her and all the reports saw him disappearing. He took her to the hospital and he himself cured her and vanished. Everyone was shocked to see all this. They went to some place and when they returned, everyone thought he kidnapped her and the police took him to the station. The older police came and took him to his own area police station and left him as they knew everything about him.

They were happy together but Do Min-Joon became too weak and understood he has to go soon. At last, UFO arrived and he vanished without saying goodbye. Song-Yi broke into pieces and got into depression and waited for him. She again became a top actress and Do Min-Joon kept trying to come but could. He couldn’t appear for a longer time and suddenly vanished. She understood all this and lived in his house happily with his lovely memory.