South Korean TV series Let’s Eat

Let’s Eat is a South Korean TV series. It has 3 seasons and very much popular because of the unique stories and extraordinary visuals of Korean food. These series are best for international fans who are interested in Korean food and if you aren’t into Korean dishes, I’m sure you will after watching this. So, this series is best to showcase Korean food and its culture.

South Korean TV series Let’s Eat

In the first season, the female lead is played by Lee Soo-Kyung who is divorced and lives alone in an apartment. She was living her boring life with her pet dog until she met two neighbors. A cute college student and Yoon Doo-Joon who was an insurance salesman and was very much interested in eating. Three of them went to eat food together and enjoyed their company a lot.

Lee Soo-Kyung always had a trust issue and she never trusted any man. Recently there was a serial killer who killed women who lived alone. So, she did not trust her new neighbor Goo Dae-Yeong (Yoon Doo-Joon) and warned the girl to be safe as she was close to him. The three began to hang out together still she complained about him and was very sorry for her act. After apologizing to him, the three foodies were back again to eat delicious food.

In the second season, Goo Dae-Yeong (Yoon Doo-Joon) played the same character. On reflection, it really wouldn’t have a Let’s Eat without his character. In this season, they ventured outside Korean food and got special appearances to try different cuisines like Chinese, Indian and Mexican.

The storyline again revolves around the loneliness and danger faced by single women who lived alone. Food became the medium of the relationship between lonely and lovesick ones. Fat-shaming of women is the important issue raised in this season. The writer has portrayed it in a very realistic way.

South Korean TV series Let’s Eat

In the third season, the love and friendship between Goo Dae-Yeong (Yoon Doo-Joon) and Lee Ji-Woo (Beak Jin Hee) is shown. The experience of their college and present life is shown and managed to deliver their characters very nicely at the same time.

The food scenes are definitely mouth watery and delightful like the previous two seasons.

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