What happens when Doom comes to your doorstep?

The vibe of the Korean series Doom at your Service is the same as Goblin but still, it has its own uniqueness. Seo In-Guk and Park Bo-Young’s chemistry makes the drama pleasant watching and even the second lead’s love story seems interesting.

The drama starts with showing Tak Dong-Kyung’s brain cancer. She was already stressed by hearing the news when she heard that her boyfriend was married. In a rage, she wished for destruction. On the other side, Myul Mang (known as destruction or doom) was upset and Deity (known as God) told him to grant a wish. He was lonely in the world as he had no desire nor happiness. He wanted to destroy the world as he did not want to exist like this in the world.

What happens when Doom come to your door step?

Myul Mang heard Tak Dong-Kyung’s wish and went to her to grant her wish. But later she denied it and Myul Mang asked her to wish for something or else her loved one will die. So, she decided to love him so that he dies. Like this, the love story begins.

After being with Tak Dong-Kyung, Myul Mang never felt lonely and he too slowly started to have feelings for her. Both fell in love but the world cannot accept this so, Myul Mang disappeared as the contract.

After 3 years, Tak Dong-Kyung remembers everything but fell like all this was a dream. But she waited patiently and Deity decided to return Myul Mang to the world as a human. He returned to her and both wished to live together forever.

Through the second lead, we get to know that the feeling changes when we decide to move on and it’s okay to not love your teenage lover. Teenage loves are always innocent and painful but being stuck there is the biggest mistake.

When we have a crush on someone in school and we really love that person and then get separated because of higher studies or anything, many continue to have the same feelings for the specific person. But when we meet them after so many years, we realize that he is not the person you love. You love the teenage one and he is not the one. That moment is when you get to know that being stuck at that moment was not worth it.  Moving on is the best option to enjoy life to the fullest.

The drama shows how life and death have different meanings for humans and doom. For humans, the world is important because they have family and friends whom they love but for doom, they are lonely and nobody cares about them. They can’t destroy the world because they can’t do as they are like puppets of God. For them, it’s unfair to live that life but humans too have the same feeling sometimes. Everything depends on fate. It can change at any time.

A person who is suffering for a long time will definitely get good days. Just you have to wait patiently, No one can predict what’s going to be next. Everything is fate so, accept it and try to stay happy and enjoy every moment of life. Life is not about time, it’s about the moment so, don’t wait for the right time make the moment the perfect time. The cinematography and OST are awesome and the cast is perfect. Fantasy romance is not new but always seems interesting.

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