The Day of Becoming You - Chinese Drama


The Day of Becoming You is a 26 episode Chinese Drama starring Steven Zhang as Jiang Yi and Liang Jie as Yu Sheng Sheng. The drama is full-on comedy and romantic scenes.

The title itself defines the plot. In an accident, the lead's souls are interchanged and their bodies interchange. It means that the boy’s soul is in the girl’s body and vice-versa. They both had to live each other’s lives till they don’t get a solution. Both had to face many challenges as these are not easy to adapt.

The Day of Becoming You - Chinese Drama

The drama seems to be very realistic. It’s exactly the same as one will react in reality. The expressions, awkwardness, and the way of talking everything are shown very nicely.

Steven Zhang and Liang Jie did a phenomenal job in portraying each other’s roles. Their chemistry was spot on. The drama somewhere lacked details in explaining the background of the individuals but the story between the leads is portrayed amazingly. The drama is extremely hilarious and you would not be bored in any episodes.

The next morning, you realize that you have been converted into your opposite gender. How you will react? The answer to this question has been portrayed amazingly. Do watch this drama to relate.

Thank You!